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Liability Management & Special Opportunities


Companies and investors look to us for liability management solutions and for timely, bespoke advice on a wide range of transactions and opportunities.

We have been at the forefront in developing and implementing novel and creative strategies for liability management transactions. Clients benefit from our deep experience with amend-and-extend transactions, debt-for-debt exchanges, drop-downs, up-tiering transactions, Dutch auctions and open market debt repurchases.

Our cross-practice team advises public companies, private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies, equity and debt holders and third-party investors on liability management transactions and a wide range of special opportunities.

Our lawyers appreciate that every liability management opportunity is unique and calls for individualized advice. All types of clients benefit from our long track record and market-leading position in pertinent practice areas including finance, capital markets, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions.


The last dance of the Texas Two-Step?

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