Davis Polk partners Tatiana Martins and Ken Wainstein will be among the speakers at ACI’s 35th International Conference on the FCPA, the premier event for the worldwide anti-corruption community.

Martins will speak on the “Bribery & Fraud Stories: The Latest Bribery Schemes, How They Were Uncovered and Lessons for Staying Ahead of the Game” panel. Panelists will discuss critical updates on the rapid evolution of bribery and fraud schemes that are affecting industries of all kinds, and share insights on best practices for cutting-edge risk detection and mitigation.

Wainstein will be among the participants in “The DOJ Corporate Enforcement Policy and Your Disclosure Calculus One Year In: Are Companies Benefitting?,” an interactive debate over the most hotly contested aspects of the DOJ’s recent policy shifts, with a focus on the real-life challenges for industry and outside counsel.

The program will be held November 27-30, 2018, in Washington DC.

For more information, please visit the event website.