Our lawyers produce a wealth of substantive, timely and practical resource materials for our clients and friends of the firm. Listed separately below are client memos and alerts, articles and books, and podcasts.
Client Memos and Alerts
August 6, 2020 SEC and CFTC Enforcement Update
Client Newsletter
August 5, 2020 10 Key Takeaways from the Federal Reserve’s Final Rule on CSI and FOIA
Client Memorandum
August 3, 2020 IRS Proposes Carried Interest Regulations
Client Alert
Articles and Books
August 5, 2020 Lessons for the Loan Market from Recent Liability Management Transactions

International Financial Law Review

July 14, 2020 Legal Liability for ESG Disclosures – Investor Pressure, State of Play and Practical Recommendations
International Comparative Legal Guides – Corporate Governance 2020
July 1, 2020 Derivatives 2020
International Comparative Legal Guide: Derivatives 2020, First Edition
June 16, 2020 Antitrust and the 2020 Election
June 3, 2019 Davis Polk Dialogues: Key Takeaways From the FTC Hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection
A Davis Polk Podcast Series on the FTC 2018-2019 Hearings
January 3, 2019 Davis Polk Dialogues: What Have We Learned So Far?
A Davis Polk Podcast Series on the FTC 2018-2019 Hearings
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