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Strategies for the AI Era


With artificial intelligence developing rapidly and affecting all corners of business, we are sharing timely insights and strategies from lawyers across the firm.


Artificial intelligence is here, and with it comes unprecedented legal questions and business risks. Companies are implementing AI in novel ways, regulators are considering its impacts, and courts are grappling with how to apply traditional legal concepts to a fundamentally new technology. Davis Polk’s cross-practice AI team will update this page with the latest developments and insights.  


European Parliament approves AI Act

AI traps and strategies

A company uses AI tools to develop a valuable product, idea, or work

Employees input personally identifiable information or other private information into generative AI tools

A company relies on AI outputs for crucial decisions or products

A company utilizes generative AI outputs to recommend and perform actions on a large scale

A company uses a generative AI tool trained using copyrighted content

A company does not accurately disclose its use of generative AI

A company worried about the potential risks of AI prohibits its use altogether

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