On April 29, 2021, Davis Polk Private Funds/Investment Management head Leor Landa will chair the Practising Law Institute’s 22nd Annual Private Equity Forum. Partner Michael Hong will also be a speaker at the event. 

Landa will give the program’s opening remarks and speak on the “Evolution of the Secondaries Market” panel. Topics discussed will include:

  • 2020 market overview
  • Review of LP portfolio sales
  • Review of LP interest tenders
  • GP-led recaps
  • Preferred equity structures

Hong will speak on the “Issues for New Managers” panel. Topics discussed will include:

  • The growth of the market for emerging managers (or “first-time” fund sponsors) and the factors contributing to its growth
  • An overview of the unique marketing and legal challenges that emerging managers face in starting their businesses
  • The primary “friction-points” in fund terms that emerging managers must be prepared for
  • Lessons learned in raising a first-time fund before, during and on the back-end of the Covid-19 pandemic

For more information, please visit the event website.