Davis Polk partners Meyer Dworkin, James Florack, Jason Kyrwood and Jeong Lee will speak on Loan Syndications & Trading Association (LSTA)’s “Direct Lending and the Syndicated Loan Market” comprehensive two-part webcast focusing on how direct lenders will play an increasingly important role in the debt capital markets.

The first webcast titled, “An Introduction to Direct Lending and its Impact on the Syndicated Loan Market,” will cover the basics of direct lending and provide a market analysis that will cover the different sectors in which direct lenders are active and volume trends, and will highlight its impact on the syndicated loan market. In addition, our panel will discuss:

•         Types of direct lenders and direct lending strategies

•         Distinguishing features of direct lending deals / structure

•         What makes direct lending an attractive alternative for borrowers

•         Unique considerations for direct lenders

•         Impact of direct lenders on traditional bank products

The second webcast titled, "Contrasting Features of Direct Lending and Syndicated Loans,” will provide:

•         Analysis of differences between direct lending terms and syndicated lending terms

•         Discussion of distressed direct lending

•         Overview of “Uni-tranche” facilities

The webcasts will take place on January 29 and February 6, 2020.

For more information, visit the event website.