On September 29-30, 2021, Davis Polk partners Chris Schell and Yan Zhang will be among the speakers at the SRP Americas Conference 2021. Chris will speak on the “Evaluating setbacks and opportunities for crypto-related investments in retail space” panel. Topics discussed will include the inclusion of crypto in the investment space and how it can be included in the portfolio, analyzing the regulatory situation and current requirements for these investments, and how digital transformation is steering the growing interest in crypto-assets and crypto-related stock baskets in products.

Yan will speak on the “Successfully operating in a persistently low interest rate environment” panel. Topics discussed will include the best approach to creating and enhancing a well-priced product offering in a persistently low interest rate environment, adapting to operating in a low interest rate environment and lack of liquidity, assessing the impact of devaluation on global and regional product sales, and dealing with legacy notes linked to LIBOR with long-term maturity while providing necessary solutions to protect the investor.

For more information, please visit the event website.