Webcast: PELR’s “The Evolution and Future of GP Led Restructurings”
March 12, 2020

Davis Polk partner Leor Landa will speak on Private Equity Law Report (PELR)’s upcoming webinar, “The Evolution and Future of GP‑Led Restructurings.” The webinar will discuss the rapid growth and adoption of GP‑led restructurings in recent years and provide a comprehensive exploration and update of various developments with those transactions, including:

  • How perceptions toward GP‑led restructurings have changed since they were first introduced;
  • Recent innovations (e.g., strip sales, single-asset sales, etc.) in how the transactions are structured, and the factors contributing to those new approaches;
  • Differences in how GP‑led restructurings are structured and negotiated in the U.S. versus Europe, including possible explanations for those variations;
  • Exploration of the different ways preferred equity is being used to facilitate those transactions and the rising popularity of the approach;
  • Trends in the terms and considerations of GP‑led restructurings, including the increased use of asset-level leverage in connection with the transactions; and
  • The growing interest in applying GP‑led restructurings to private credit and real estate funds, and some of the attendant considerations.

Date & Time
March 12, 2020
11:00 a.m. ET

For more information, please visit the webinar website.


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