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Transportation & Logistics


Major automotive, airline, rail and shipping companies regularly look to us for advice, as do their financial advisers, suppliers and creditors.


Clients value our deep insights based on extensive experience through periods of growth and consolidation. They seek our assistance in transformative mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliance, securities offerings, restructurings, leasing and other complex financings, tax and executive compensation arrangements, and a broad range of litigation matters.

We have been involved in landmark transactions including the IPOs of General Motors and Boeing and the privatization of British Airways. We advised on Ford’s restructuring during the financial crisis, Volkswagen’s restructuring of Takata, and Delta’s transformation in one of the largest-ever bankruptcies. Some of the world’s biggest shipping companies have sought our counsel on global alliances.

Our clients include CSX, Delta Air Lines, FedEx, Ford, Frontier Airlines, Grupo Aeroméxico, LATAM Airlines Group, LifeMiles, Lucid Motors, Renault, Republic Services, Volkswagen and ZIM Integrated Shipping Services.


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