On November 2, 2023, Davis Polk partners Connie Milonakis, Dan Hirschovits and Reuven Young will be among the speakers at the 2023 TechGC Euro Summit.

Connie will speak on the “Building Strong Foundations: Deepening C-Suite & Board Relationships” panel. The panelists will discuss the biggest mistakes and best practices for successfully navigating the intricacies of the dynamic relationship between general counsel, C-Suite executives and the Board of Directors.

Dan will speak on the “Navigating Inorganic Growth: From M&A to Venture Financing, and IPO Readiness” roundtable, which will discuss the tools necessary to navigate the complex terrains of inorganic growth effectively.

Reuven will speak on the “The GC’s Role in the Rise of ESG” roundtable. The roundtable will explore the importance of establishing sturdy governance structures that resonate with ESG values and principles, forging a company-wide ethos of ESG cognizance and accountability.

For more information, please visit the event website.