Partner and M&A practice co-head Louis Goldberg was quoted in The American Lawyer on trends in the M&A market over the past year. He noted that after the arrival of COVID-19, “everyone was trying to raise money to focus on liquidity. And then the SPAC boom hit, then strategic M&A and strong private equity with low interest rates adding fuel.”

Louis also spoke to the increase in activity in private equity-backed deals, noting that area has been a big focus for Davis Polk over the past several years. “When you talk about volume, private equity firms are deal machines, so when you get stronger in the market, it’s a great thing,” he said. He expects those levels to remain high, speculating that PE firms “will keep looking for the right deals.”

Why M&A Activity Soared to New Heights in 2021,” The American Lawyer (December 21, 2021) (subscription required)