Davis Polk partner Kara Mungovan was profiled by Bloomberg Tax in its “Spotlight” series, discussing her career and interests beyond her work. Describing her role as a partner, Kara said, “We are all about teamwork, and being a partner is really about the role I play on the team. We think of ourselves as partners with our clients, providing them with practical and thoughtful advice to help them take their businesses where they want them to go.”

She also noted that the Inflation Reduction Act had a large impact on her practice and on the advice she provides to her clients. “We now have a whole new tax regime—the corporate alternative minimum tax—and a stock buyback excise tax, not to mention all the new energy credits,” she said. “These changes will have sweeping consequences for many of our clients across industries and circumstances, and will need to be taken into consideration in all of our corporate transactions.”

Spotlight on New York Corporate Tax Attorney Kara Mungovan,” Bloomberg Tax (April 14, 2023)