Davis Polk partners Joe Hall and Zach Zweihorn appeared on the Unchained podcast to discuss crypto regulation and secondary market trading rules, discussing recent claims that there is a clear, existing, compliant path forward for secondary market trading of crypto securities in the United States. They also discussed the need for more robust regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies, and the emergence of a new ATS and special purpose custody broker-dealer proposing to list, trade and custody digital assets that the market has previously not treated as securities.

“Joe and I work with clients who would like nothing more than to be compliant with all applicable laws so that they can have a business that operates without fear of the government coming in and trying to shut them down or suing them, and have been looking to us and other lawyers in this space, to figure out how to do that […], [but] you kind of hit a brick wall at some point,” Zach noted.  

Crypto Lawyers Dispute Prometheum’s Aaron Kaplan’s Claims,” Unchained (June 30, 2023) (subscription required)