In the UK, the 2018 Corporate Governance Code and related regulations that applied from January 1, 2019 seek to improve corporate governance and annual reporting by placing a greater focus on the relationships between companies and their stakeholders, the composition and diversity of the board, and ensuring executive remuneration promotes the long-term success of a company.

In the US, these topics are equally important for institutional investors and proxy advisors, together with a growing focus on human capital management and environmental and social concerns.

Join Dan Hirschovits and Fiona Tregeagle from our London office and Kyoko Takahashi Lin from our New York office for a comparative discussion of these developments in corporate governance, and some of the current ‘hot’ topics in the UK and US, including:

  • Pay ratio reporting
  • Board diversity
  • Director ‘overboarding’
  • Engagement with employees and other stakeholders, and ESG concerns