On February 2, 2024, Davis Polk partner and EU Antitrust practice head Jürgen Schindler will be among the speakers at Global Competition Review’s GCR Live: Law Leaders Global 2024. Jürgen will speak on the “Mergers: New U.S. merger guidelines” panel. The panelists will examine the strengths and potential weaknesses of the new merger guidelines; whether they will be adopted by the courts; if they accord with the state of play in other jurisdictions; and whether the guidelines are likely to impact merger control outside the U.S.

Additionally, panelists will consider whether these guidelines provide more powerful tools for the antitrust agencies to curb the perceived market power of large firms/tackle increased concentration in the economy or create unnecessary hurdles and ultimately deter pro-competitive or neutral mergers while leading to years of uncertain litigation.

For more information, please visit the event website.