On March 29-31, 2023, Davis Polk partner and Antitrust & Competition practice head Art Burke, partners Sheila Adams James, Jesse Solomon and Jarrett Arp and counsel Suzanne Munck af Rosenschold will be among the speakers at the American Bar Association’s 2023 Antitrust Spring Meeting, in Washington DC. The Spring Meeting is the largest gathering of competition, consumer protection and data privacy profes­sionals globally, with lawyers, academics, economists, enforcers, journalists and students from around the world.

Sheila is co-chair of the event and will moderate the “Chair’s Showcase” panel, which will discuss what actually influences antitrust, data privacy and consumer protection law, policy and enforcement. She will also moderate the “Hot Topics” panel, which will discuss changes in antitrust, consumer protection, and privacy policy enforcement and litigation.  

Art will moderate the “Are Vertical Mergers Falling Flat?” panel, which will discuss how antitrust enforcement agencies across the globe are using non-traditional theories around bargaining and information sharing around vertical mergers.

Jesse will speak on the “Get ‘Em While They’re Small” panel. Topics discussed will include what thresholds global competition authorities should apply in evaluating deals, what evidence proves whether the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts, and what factors suggest a deal tends to create a monopoly.

Jarrett will speak on the “U.S. Cartel Enforcement: Where Are We Going?” panel. Topics to be discussed include the DOJ Antitrust Division’s updated criminal enforcement policies and practice, how those updates have worked in practice so far, and how the Monaco Memo and the DOJ’s emphasis on white collar individual accountability further affect antitrust enforcement.

Suzanne will speak on the “Right to Repair: From AG to Apple” panel. The panel will focus on multiple lawsuits that have been filed challenging manufacturers’ restrictions on farm equipment repair and President Bidens’ Executive Order that pushed for FTC rulemaking citing these restrictions. It will also include a discussion on whether there should there be a right to repair in the farm equipment aftermarket, and if so, if the same protections apply where that right has IP implications.

For more information, please visit the event website.