In light of sweeping government efforts to support the financial system and the economy, we are pleased to announce that the Davis Polk FinReg Tracker daily email is now available at no cost.

Davis Polk launched this email update ten years ago, at the time of the Dodd-Frank Act, for a small audience of clients. Today, the CARES Act and the Federal Reserve programs, all in response to the coronavirus crisis, will create a flurry of new government programs and announcements, that, like in the past crisis, will be challenging to track and follow. We are offering the FinReg Tracker to any person who has a need to keep track of the many announcements that the financial regulatory agencies will be making as they implement the fiscal stimulus. 

The FinReg Tracker arrives daily at 7:00 a.m. ET six times a week (Monday-Saturday). Each email is a simple list, with hyperlinks, of all developments from the day before from Congress and the federal financial agencies, including: proposed and final rules, guidance, program FAQs, regulatory pronouncements, recent events and key speeches. 

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