Volcker Rule

On this page, you’ll find a collection of background materials that may be helpful in digesting the Volcker Rule and tracking its evolution from statute to final regulation.

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We will continue to post key documents relating to the Volcker Rule as they become available. We invite you to bookmark this page for future updates.

2013 Final Volcker Rule Regulations


2011 Proposed Rule

  • Proposed Volcker Rule Regulations (November 7, 2011)
  • Davis Polk Client Memo: Summary of Leaked Proposed Rules (October 7, 2011) PROP | FUNDS
  • Davis Polk Volcker Rule Slides (October 12, 2011) PROP | FUNDS
  • SIFMA Comment Letter (February 13, 2012) PROP | FUNDS
  • SIFMA Comment Letter — AMG (February 13, 2012) PROP
  • SIFMA Supplemental Comment Letter (March 9, 2012) FUNDS
  • SIFMA Pre-Proposed Rules Comment Letter (April 14, 2011) FUNDS
  • SIFMA Pre-Proposed Rules Supplemental Comment Letter (May 9, 2011) FUNDS

Statutory Text and Colloquies

FSOC Study

  • FSOC Study (January 18, 2011)
  • Davis Polk Client Memo: Summary of the FSOC Study (January 19, 2011) PROP | FUNDS
  • SIFMA Comment Letter — FSOC Study (November 5, 2010) PROP FUNDS