Trump Intends to Nominate Final FTC Commissioner
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On Monday, the Trump Administration announced its intent to nominate the fifth and final individual to fill the current vacancies on the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”): Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, a Democrat.  We expect the Senate to hold a hearing for Ms. Slaughter in April, with confirmation on the same schedule as the other four FTC nominees later this Spring.  Following confirmation of Ms. Slaughter and the other nominees, the FTC will have a full slate of Commissioners for the first time since August 2015.

Ms. Slaughter brings to the agency experience in both consumer protection and antitrust policy issues as well as in navigating the political landscape.  Taken together with the other nominees, we believe the new leadership of the FTC will carefully review mergers and other conduct that could have a negative impact on consumers or competition, and will not shy away from bringing cases.