Investment Management Regulatory Update - October 2016
Client Newsletter

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SEC Rules and Regulations

  • SEC Adopts Sweeping Reforms to Enhance Liquidity Risk Management for Mutual Funds and ETFs
  • SEC Adopts Rules to Modernize Information Reported by Investment Companies
  • SEC Adopts Rule Amendments Permitting the Use of Swing-Pricing by Certain Open-End Funds
  • Proposed Treasury Regulations and Changes in Ruling Policy on RIC Qualification Requirements

Industry Update

  • NFA Proposes Amendment and Interpretive Notice on Collection of CPO and CTA Financial Information
  • SEC Announces Intent to Examine the Supervision Practices of Registered Investment Advisers
  • SEC Chair White Addresses Legal Practice Division Luncheon at 2016 International Bar Association Annual Conference


  • First Reserve Settles Charges for Improper Allocation of Adviser Expenses, Insurance Premiums and Service Discounts
  • Investment Advisers Charged with Compliance Failures Regarding Wrap Fee Programs