Investment Management Regulatory Update - July 2018
Client Newsletter

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Rules and Regulations

  • SEC Proposes New ETF Rule
  • SEC Adopts Inline XBRL for Tagged Data
  • SEC Adopts Amendments to the Liquidity Disclosure Rule
  • SEC Proposes Whistleblower Rule Amendments

Industry Update

  • OCIE Issues Risk Alert Regarding Investment Advisers and “Best Execution” Compliance Issues
  • SEC Releases Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2018–2022


  • SEC Charges New York-based Investment Adviser for Failing to Disclose Conflicts of Interest Related to Compensation Obtained from Third Parties
  • SEC Charges Fund Managers for Failing to Offset Portfolio Company Fees, Disclosures Regarding Accelerated Fees
  • SEC Charges a Financial Institution with Failure to Detect or Prevent Misappropriation of Client Funds