Investment Management Regulatory Update - April 2016
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SEC Rules and Regulations

  • SEC Staff Grants No-Action Relief to Index-Linked ETF for Exceeding Ownership Percentage Limitations in Insurance Companies or Securities-Related Issuers under Sections 12(d)(2) and 12(d)(3) of the Investment Company Act

Industry Update

  • Department of Labor’s Final Rule Defining Fiduciary Investment Advice and Conflicts of Interest
  • SEC Division of Investment Management Issues Guidance on FAST Act Changes Affecting Investment Advisers to Small Business Investment Companies
  • Treasury Issues New Anti-Inversion Guidance
  • SEC Director Grim Addresses Investment Company Institute’s 2016 Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference
  • SEC Announces Creation of Office of Risk and Strategy for Its National Exam Program


  • SEC Charges AIG Affiliates with Mutual Fund Shares Conflicts
  • CFTC Charges Alternative Fund Manager with Various Disclosure Violations
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