Investment Management Regulatory Update
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SEC Rules and Regulations

  • SEC Staff Responds to Questions About Form PF
  • SEC Releases Guidance on Advisers Act Exemption for CFTC-Registered Investment Advisers that Advise Private Funds
  • SEC Adopts New Credit Quality Standard for BIDCOs Relying on Section 6(a)(5) of the Investment Company Act
  • SEC Announces List of Federal Securities Law Rules to be Reviewed Over the Next 12 Months

Industry Update

  • CFTC Grants Registration Relief for Family Offices, Funds of Funds and Business Development Companies
  • FSOC Issues Proposed Recommendations for Money Market Mutual Fund Reform
  • Director of the OCIE Speaks on the Significance of Conflicts of Interest and Risk Governance
  • FINRA Announces Arbitration for Investment Advisers that are not FINRA-Regulated Firms


  • Court Ruling Addresses Pension “Controlled Group” Liability for Private Equity Funds
  • Jury Issues Mixed Verdict in Reserve Primary Fund Trial
  • SEC Charges Mutual Fund Directors for Inadequate Valuation Oversight