The Guide to Merger Remedies: Overview

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Global Competition Review, August 2018

Davis Polk partner Ronan Harty and associate Nathan Kiratzis served as Editors for the first edition of Global Competition Review’s The Guide to Merger Remedies.

A feature common among almost all jurisdictions that have antitrust laws is a set of rules that govern mergers. Although the details of these rules may differ, a unifying theme is that mergers should not reduce competition in a properly defined market.

This book provides a comprehensive review of a variety of issues relating to the design and implementation of merger remedies, often referring to practices and precedents from the United States and the European Union. However, merger rules are global in nature and, therefore, a part of the book is devoted to a review of other jurisdictions around the world, including Canada, China and Mexico.

An extract from the first edition of GCR’s The Guide to Merger Remedies, first published in August 2018. The whole publication is available here

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