Dodd-Frank Progress Report
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In this Report:

    • As of the end of 2011, deadlines for half of Dodd-Frank's rulemaking requirements have passed. 25.5% of the passed deadlines have been met with finalized rules.
    • Major rulemaking activity this month included a Federal Reserve proposal on enhanced prudential standards and CFTC final rules on swap data recordkeeping and reporting.
    • In 2011, the CFTC, FDIC, Federal Reserve and SEC held 1720 reported meetings with the public on Dodd-Frank. The Progress Report includes each regulator's top five topics of discussion at those meetings.
    • Davis Polk is pleased to announce the launch of the DavisPolkReg Twitter feed, which will provide real-time updates on key Dodd-Frank rulemaking activities and relevant Davis Polk publications.