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April 12, 2012 Davis Polk Succeeds in Dismissing Adversary Proceeding Against Delphi Seeking $300 Million
March 29, 2012 Davis Polk Succeeds in Vacating Improper Attempt to Attach Citibank Client Funds
March 19, 2012 Davis Polk Secures Settlement on Behalf of Sterling Partners in Madoff Litigation
January 19, 2012 Davis Polk Wins Decisive Victory for Credit Suisse in Research Analyst Class Action
January 5, 2012 Davis Polk Defeats Samsung's Antitrust Claims Against SD Card Flash Memory Joint Venture
November 4, 2011 Davis Polk Wins Dismissal of Derivative Claims Against Former Director of RINO International
August 25, 2011 Davis Polk Wins Dismissal of Samsung's Antitrust and Patent Misuse Claims Against SD-3C
August 8, 2011 HHS-OIG Drops Potential Action Against Howard Solomon
August 3, 2011 Davis Polk Wins Dismissal for LG Electronics of Large Price-Fixing Case Involving Optical Disk Drives
June 6, 2011 Davis Polk Wins an Antitrust Class Action on Behalf of Comcast Corp.
December 20, 2010 Davis Polk Wins Patent Infringement Case on Behalf of VNUS Medical Technologies
June 16, 2010 Davis Polk Defeats Class Certification on Behalf of Morgan Stanley
December 23, 2009 Third Circuit Win For Bank of America
December 9, 2009 In re Short Sale Antitrust Litigation
August 4, 2009 Motion for Class Certification Denied in Fraud Action Against Xactware
June 26, 2009 Second Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Securities Class Action Against AstraZeneca
June 10, 2009 Recusal Decision in U.S. Supreme Court
February 13, 2009 New York Supreme Court Grants Motion to Dismiss for GSC Group in Subprime Litigation
February 10, 2009 Davis Polk Obtains Summary Judgment for Credit Suisse in Eastern District of Louisiana
February 2, 2009 Shareholder Plaintiff's Fee Petition in Roche-Ventana Merger Denied
January 8, 2009 Fourth Circuit Affirms District Court Decision in Shareholder Litigation in Favor of Deloitte
December 15, 2008 Davis Polk Represents Siemens AG in the Resolution of FCPA Investigations
November 14, 2008 US Supreme Court Grants Petition for Certiorari in Abuelhawa v. United States
November 13, 2008 Davis Polk Wins Dismissal of Derivatives Case Against Bank of America in New York Supreme Court
October 21, 2008 Davis Polk Wins $4.6 Million Judgment for Delivery Workers at Popular Restaurant
October 17, 2008 Davis Polk Achieves Dismissal for PricewaterhouseCoopers
July 25, 2008 AstraZeneca Wins Before California State Court of Appeals
May 29, 2008 Telecom Argentina Decision Affirmed on Appeal
March 4, 2008 Credit Suisse Wins Motion for Reconsideration and Decertification of Class