Davis Polk Highlighted in The AmLaw Litigation Daily and Law360

Davis Polk partner Neil MacBride was profiled for his work as counsel to Exxon in The AmLaw Litigation Daily. MacBride successfully sued the U.S. Treasury Department on behalf of ExxonMobil to overturn an economic sanctions penalty notice issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for violations of the U.S. Constitution and the Administrative Procedures Act. Davis Polk was also named a “Legal Lion” by Law360 for representing Exxon and partners Neil MacBride and Antonio Perez-Marques were named as counsel.

Daily Dicta: Paul Weiss and Davis Polk Take the Cake for ExxonThe AmLaw Litigation Daily (January 6, 2020) (subscription required)

Law360's Weekly Verdict: Legal Lions & LambsLaw360 (January 9, 2020) (subscription required)