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November 16, 2010 Comments on Proposed Rules Relating to Shareholder Approval of Executive Compensation and Golden Parachute Compensation (the “Proposal”)
Comment Letter to the SEC
November 16, 2010 Comments on Subtitle E of Title IX–Accountability and Executive Compensation under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
Comment Letter to the SEC
November 1, 2010 "Clear and Simple": SEC Proposes Say-on-Golden Parachute and Enhanced Disclosure Rules
Deal Lawyers
November 1, 2010 Rémunération et gouvernance : les innovations Dodd-Frank
Decideurs : Stratégie Finance Droit, pp. 53-54
October 13, 2010 The Report on the Financial Panic of 2008 and Financial Regulatory Reform
Task Force on the Financial Crisis of the International Bar Association
October 6, 2010 A Novel Approach To Vote Solicitation On Prepackaged Plans

Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review

October 1, 2010 Enhancing Financial Stability and Resilience: Macroprudential Policy, Tools and Systems for the Future
Group of Thirty
October 1, 2010 Contractually Amendable Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits
Third Circuit Prevents Plan Sponsor from Terminating
The Bankruptcy Strategist, Vol. 27, No.12
September 29, 2010 NYSBA Tax Section Letter 1221
Report on Medicare Contribution Tax Definition of Net Investment Income
September 1, 2010 L'arret Morrison reaffirme la presomption de non-extraterritorialite du droit boursier american
JOLY editions
August 30, 2010 Board Diversity and Director Qualifications
Director Notes: The 2010 Proxy Season
The Conference Board
August 24, 2010 Foreign Banks as U.S. Financial Holding Companies (5th Ed.)
U.S. Regulation of Foreign Banks
August 24, 2010 Federal Reserve Emergency Authority: Old Tools Used in New Ways
Davis Polk Financial Crisis Manual
August 16, 2010 Would You Like Fries With That?
Goods vs Services Under § 503(b)(9) of the Bankruptcy Code
The Bankruptcy Strategist
August 1, 2010 Will Mandatory Shareholder Approval of Golden Parachutes Dull Their Luster?
Deal Lawyers, July-August 2010, Vol.4, No. 4
August 1, 2010 Issues Affecting Secured Claims
Chapter 11 Update: Changing Dynamics for Senior Lenders and Agents
July 1, 2010 The Flash Crash Aftermath: Responses to the Trading Events of May 6, 2010
Securities Market
Insights, Vol. 24, No. 7, July 2010
July 1, 2010 A Vote for Allegheny: DBSD North America
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal, reprinted in Best of ABI 2011: The Year in Business Bankruptcy
June 21, 2010 SEC Proposes Consolidated Audit Trail
Securities Regulation & Law
Bureau of National Affairs
June 1, 2010 The Authority of a Debtor to Settle Estate Claims Brought by a Committee
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
May 1, 2010 Structuring Hedge Fund Manager Compensation: Tax and Economic Considerations
The Journal of Taxation, Vol. 112, No. 5
April 9, 2010 Trends in Prime Brokerage
Practical Law -- The Journal
April 1, 2010 The SEC's New Short Sale Rule: Implications and Ambiguities
Securities Market
Insights, Vol. 24, No. 4, April 2010
April 1, 2010 Breaking Up (and Getting Paid) Is Hard to Do
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
April 1, 2010 Substantive Consolidation – A Post-Modern Trend
American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review Vol. 14:527
March 31, 2010 Right to Credit Bid Denied in Philadelphia Newspapers
Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review
March 22, 2010 Capital Ideas: The Taxation of Derivative Gains and Losses
Tax Notes
March 1, 2010 Consolidation and Competition in the US Equity Markets
Capital Markets Law Journal 2010, Vol. 5, No. 2
March 1, 2010 Corporate Governance Practices in US Initial Public Offerings
Practical Law - The Journal
March 1, 2010 Limit My Practice Instead!
Thoughts on Reforming Section 382
Taxes--The Tax Magazine
February 25, 2010 The Collapsing Jurisdictional Boundaries of the Antifraud Provisions of the U.S. Securities Laws: The Supreme Court and Congress Ready to Redress Forty Years of Ambiguity
New York University Law & Business Journal (Vol. 5, No. 2)
February 22, 2010 NYSBA Tax Section Report No. 1205
Report Commenting on 2010-2011 New York State Executive Budget
February 18, 2010 Directors' Duties under the New SEC Rules on Disclosure Enhancement
Article: The Conference Board
February 9, 2010 RiskMetrics’ Governance Risk Indicators (GRId) – a New Governance Measurement for Proxy Voting Reports
General Counsel Update
February 5, 2010 2010 Acquisition Financing: Trends From 2009
Article: Practical Law Company
February 3, 2010 Emerging Trends in Compensation Regulation
The Review of Securities and Commodities Regulation, Vol. 43, No. 3
February 1, 2010 UCL Class Certification After ‘Tobacco II’
Article: The Recorder
February 1, 2010 Say on Pay: une realite bientot francaise?
Decideurs: Strategie Finance Droit
January 1, 2010 The Fourth Wave of Education Finance Litigation: Pursuing a Federal Right to an Adequate Education
Cornell Law Review, vol. 95 number 5
January 1, 2010 South Africa
Getting the Deal Through – Environment
Law Business Research
January 1, 2010 The Global Financial Crisis and Proposed Regulatory Reform
Brigham Young University Law Review, Vol. 2010, No. 2
January 1, 2010 Legal Authority in Unusual and Exigent Circumstances: The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis
13 U. PA. J. Bus. L. 221 (2010)
January 1, 2010 Assessing China’s Top-down Securities Markets (with William T. Allen)
Capitalizing China
NBER, The University of Chicago Press
January 1, 2010 Duties and Obligations of Officers and Directors in Section 363
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
January 1, 2010 Federal Antitrust Enforcement Priorities Under the Obama Administration
Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2010, pp. 52-61
Oxford University Press
December 1, 2009 Current Market Structure Issues in the U.S. Equity Markets
Coping with Broker-Dealer Regulation and Enforcement
P.L.I. Conference
December 1, 2009 De l'intervention sur les titres en periode d'offre
Decideurs: Strategie Finance Droit
November 30, 2009 Pushing Back on Pressure for Independent Board Chairs
New York Law Journal
November 30, 2009 Shareholders Spar With Public Companies
The Recorder
November 21, 2009 Key Amendments to the Financial Stability Improvement Act of 2009 to the Committee Print, through 11/19/09


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