Our lawyers produce a wealth of substantive, timely and practical resource materials for our clients and friends of the firm. Listed separately below are client memos and alerts, articles and books, and podcasts.
May 1, 2010 Structuring Hedge Fund Manager Compensation: Tax and Economic Considerations
The Journal of Taxation, Vol. 112, No. 5
April 9, 2010 Trends in Prime Brokerage
Practical Law -- The Journal
April 1, 2010 Substantive Consolidation – A Post-Modern Trend
American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review Vol. 14:527
April 1, 2010 The SEC's New Short Sale Rule: Implications and Ambiguities
Securities Market
Insights, Vol. 24, No. 4, April 2010
April 1, 2010 Breaking Up (and Getting Paid) Is Hard to Do
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
March 31, 2010 Right to Credit Bid Denied in Philadelphia Newspapers
Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review
March 22, 2010 Capital Ideas: The Taxation of Derivative Gains and Losses
Tax Notes
March 1, 2010 Limit My Practice Instead!
Thoughts on Reforming Section 382
Taxes--The Tax Magazine
March 1, 2010 Consolidation and Competition in the US Equity Markets
Capital Markets Law Journal 2010, Vol. 5, No. 2
March 1, 2010 Corporate Governance Practices in US Initial Public Offerings
Practical Law - The Journal
February 22, 2010 NYSBA Tax Section Report No. 1205
Report Commenting on 2010-2011 New York State Executive Budget
February 18, 2010 Directors' Duties under the New SEC Rules on Disclosure Enhancement
Article: The Conference Board
February 9, 2010 RiskMetrics’ Governance Risk Indicators (GRId) – a New Governance Measurement for Proxy Voting Reports
General Counsel Update
February 5, 2010 2010 Acquisition Financing: Trends From 2009
Article: Practical Law Company
February 3, 2010 Emerging Trends in Compensation Regulation
The Review of Securities and Commodities Regulation, Vol. 43, No. 3
February 1, 2010 UCL Class Certification After ‘Tobacco II’
Article: The Recorder
January 1, 2010 The Global Financial Crisis and Proposed Regulatory Reform
Brigham Young University Law Review, Vol. 2010, No. 2
January 1, 2010 Federal Antitrust Enforcement Priorities Under the Obama Administration
Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2010, pp. 52-61
Oxford University Press
January 1, 2010 Duties and Obligations of Officers and Directors in Section 363
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
December 1, 2009 Current Market Structure Issues in the U.S. Equity Markets
Coping with Broker-Dealer Regulation and Enforcement
P.L.I. Conference
November 30, 2009 Shareholders Spar With Public Companies
The Recorder
November 30, 2009 Pushing Back on Pressure for Independent Board Chairs
New York Law Journal
November 10, 2009 Section 106(a) of the Bankruptcy Code
Recent Developments in the Law Regarding Sovereign Immunity Under the Bankruptcy Code
October 1, 2009 SPM Manufacturing to Journal Register: Indicators of a Successful "Gift Plan"
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
October 1, 2009 Not So Bankruptcy-Remote SPEs and In re General Growth Properties Inc.
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
September 24, 2009 The Davis Polk Financial Crisis Manual
A Guide to the Laws, Regulations and Contracts of the Financial Crisis
September 1, 2009 Restructuring and Liquidation of U.S. Financial Institutions
Global Financial Crisis: Navigating and Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Aspects
September 1, 2009 The Bear "Naked" Truth: Short Sales and Rumors
Practical Compliance & Risk Management for the Securities Industry
September 1, 2009 Getting the Deal Through -- Merger Control 2010
Law Business Research
August 3, 2009 Killing the Golden Goose? The FDIC's Proposed Policy Statement on Private Equity
Davis Polk Web Forum
July 24, 2009 "Professional Liability" in Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts
July 24, 2009 Corporate Privileges and Confidential Information
Law Journal Press
June 24, 2009 Valuation in Chapter 11: Overview and Tools for Consensual Resolution
The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Corporate Recovery & Insolvency 2009
June 1, 2009 Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts
Chapter on Professional Liability
Section of Litigation, American Bar Association
June 1, 2009 Second Circuit Holds that Premiums Payable to PBGC after Termination Not Dischargeable
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
May 1, 2009 Davis Polk's Huebner: A Revival Expert in More Ways Than One
The AmLaw Daily, May 2009
May 1, 2009 Disclosure and Approval of Related Person Transactions: Examining the Revised Regulations
The Corporate Governance Advisor
May 1, 2009 Nuclear Waste is Put in Its Place
Business Day: Business Law and Tax Review
April 1, 2009 Dealmakers of the Year
The American Lawyer, April 2009
April 1, 2009 Capital Raising: A Transatlantic Perspective
Capital Markets Law Journal of Oxford University Press
February 1, 2009 Fed Calls Consultants to Treat AIG, Stricken Markets (Update1), February 2008
February 1, 2009 New Case Law on Suspension of Hedge Fund Redemptions
Financier Worldwide
January 1, 2009 Global Financial Crisis: Navigating and Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Aspects
Globe Business Publishing
January 1, 2009 Report of the Task Force on Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
IBA Task Force
January 1, 2009 As the Wheel Turns: New Dynamics in the Coming Restructuring Cycle
The Americas Restructuring and Insolvency Guide 2008/2009
January 1, 2009 Responding to Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations: Issues and Considerations
42 The Rev. Sec. & Commodities Reg. 47
January 1, 2009 Incentive and Deferred Compensation for Financial Firms and Investment Funds: Sections 409A and 457A of the Tax Code
Practising Law Institute
January 1, 2009 Davis Polk's Role in Financial Crisis Outlined in The American Lawyer's "In the Red Zone" by Julie Triedman
November 1, 2008 The Center of the Storm
The American Lawyer, November 2008
September 22, 2008 Auction Rate Securities -- Global Exemptive Relief


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