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February 1, 2003 Structuring Hedge Funds for Benefit Plan Investors
Tax Management Compensation Planning Journal
January 1, 2003 Recent Delaware Decisions May Prove to be ‘Entirely Unfair’ to Minority Shareholders in Parent Merger with Partially Owned Subsidiary
2003 Colum. Bus. L. Rev. 253
January 1, 2003 Simulating the Effect of Non-framework Cations on the Adsorption of Alkanes in MFI-type Zeolites
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (44) 2003
January 1, 2003 CFTC Rulemaking Signals a New Regulatory Structure for Hedge Funds
Insights (July 2003)
January 1, 2003 State Liability in Delict
January 1, 2003 Prospects for Justice and Reconciliation in Sierra Leone
44 Harv. Int'l. LJ 287
November 27, 2002 Fairness Opinions in Corporate Real Estate Transactions
New York Law Journal
March 4, 2002 Dirty Linen: Airing Out the Wash Sale Rules
3 Journal of Taxation of Financial Products, No. 3, page 41 (Summer 2002)
January 1, 2002 Avoiding 'Futures' Shock: Regulatory Issues for Hedge Funds Engaging in Derivatives, Starting a Hedge Fund: A US Perspective
ISI 2002
January 1, 2002 Earnings Management, the SEC, and Corporate Governance: Director Liability Arising from the Audit Committee Report
102 Colum. L. Rev. 168
January 1, 2002 The Re-Proposed 280G Regulations
Practising Law Institute Tax Law and Practice Course Handbook Series Number J-537
January 1, 2002 The Influence of Non-framework Sodium Cations on the Adsorption of Alkanes in MFI- and MOR-type Zeolites
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 (41) 2002
November 14, 2001 Single Stock Futures
34 Review of Securities & Commodities Regulation
June 1, 2001 Revisiting the Admissibility of Expert Testimony in Antitrust Cases
15 Antitrust No. 3
February 1, 2001 How To Meet The SEC's New Form 20-F Rules
International Financial Law Review
January 1, 2001 The Reconstitution of Customary Law in South Africa: Method and Discourse
17 Harv. BlackLetter L. J.
January 1, 2001 Rape: The Paradigmatic Hate Crime
January 1, 2001 Foreign and International Materials (Rules 20 and 21)
The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (18th ed.)
January 1, 2001 Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe: Reforming Barriers to Takeovers
Columbia Business Law Review 601
January 1, 2001 The Griffin Trading Case: A Challenge to the CFTC's Bankruptcy Regime
21 Futures and Derivatives Law Report
January 1, 2001 The U.S. Approach to the Regulation of E-Commerce
2 Business Law International 171
January 1, 2001 Anticonvulsant Effects of Gamma Surgery in a Model of Chronic Spontaneous Limbic Epilepsy
94 Journal of Neurosurgery, p. 270-280
January 1, 2001 Judicial Understanding: From Pre-understanding to Better Understanding
Responsa Meridiana
May 1, 2000 Examining Executive Compensation
New York Law Journal
February 1, 2000 Federal Securities Statutes Trip Up Many – But Individual Fraud Suits Booming in State Courts
8 Securities Reform Act Litigatin Reporter 677
January 1, 2000 US Derivatives Regulation
Trading the Future (The Futures and Options Association, 2000)
January 1, 2000 Sector Specific vs. Unified Regulation: Contrasts in Regulation
Trading the Future (The Futures and Options Association, 2000)
January 1, 2000 U.S. Law Considerations Applicable to Foreign Bank Acquisitions of U.S. Banking Institutions
1 Regulation of Foreign Banks: United States and International (4th ed. 2000)
January 1, 2000 Toward a Level Playing Field: Challenges to Accomplice Testimony in the Wake of United States v. Singleton
October 1, 1999 Mutual Funds and Derivatives: Defining the Regulatory Boundaries
Futures and Derivatives Law Report, October 1999 and November 1999
August 1, 1999 Hedge Fund Scrutiny Continues
Futures Industry Magazine
April 1, 1999 Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions and Disclosure of Administrative Materials Under Amended Drug Enforcement Agency Regulations
67 George Washington Law Review 1025
January 1, 1999 Commodity Pools
Financial Product Fundamentals
PLI 1999
January 1, 1999 Offshore Commodity Funds: Leveraged Growth
The Chancellor Offshore Funds Manual
January 1, 1999 The United States—‘Capital’ of the World
March 1, 1998 Clearing Advances in the U.S.
Futures Industry Magazine
January 1, 1998 Commodity Pools and Futures Related Investment Vehicles
Investment Management Regulation
Carolina Academic Press
January 1, 1998 Commodity Pools: Collective Investment Funds Under the Futures Regulatory Framework
Investment Management Regulation
Carolina Academic Press (1998)
January 1, 1998 Creating and Recovering Experience: Repetition in Tolstoy
Stanford University Press
January 1, 1998 Die invloed van die ligging van ’n grondstuk op die reëls ten opsigte van die natuurlike afvloei van water
Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg
January 1, 1998 United States Disclosure Standards for Banks
Asia Law Supplement
December 15, 1997 Mutual Funds Confront Dilemmas in Trying to Value Portfolios
New York Law Journal
August 1, 1997 CFTC Regulation of Collective Investment Vehicles and Commodity Trading Advisors
Nuts and Bolts of Financial Products: The Evolving World of Capital and Investment Management Products
Practicing Law Institute, August 1997
January 1, 1997 Banking and Technology
University of North Carolina Law School Banking Law Institute, Volume 1, page 37
January 1, 1997 Hedge Funds in the 1990's: Private Risk Taking; Public Consequences?
The Financial Services Revolution: Understanding the Changing Roles of Banks, Mutual Funds and Insurance Companies
Irwin, 1997
October 1, 1996 Article 2 of the UCC and Futures Contracts
Nineteenth Annual Commodities Law Institute and Fifth Annual Financial Services Law Institute
Chicago-Kent College of Law
June 1, 1996 Does Daubert Raise a New Barrier to Entry For Economists?
10 Antitrust No. 3
March 1, 1996 The Perils of Success: Public Polilcy Issues Presented by Hedge Funds
16 Futures and Derivatives Law Report
February 1, 1996 Modernizing Securities Ownership, Transfer and Pledging Laws
Capital Markets Forum, International Bar Association
January 1, 1996 Persuasive Demonstrative Evidence, Vol. 6, Issue 1
Federal Litigation Guide Reporter 3


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