Morning Call, March 25, 2020: Federal Reserve Emergency Programs and Fiscal Stimulus
March 25, 2020


Today’s Morning Call on the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency focused on the Federal Reserve’s alphabet soup of emergency programs and fiscal stimulus legislation. Our speakers were Randall Guynn, head of our Financial Institutions Group, and Margaret Tahyar, a Financial Institutions partner. The discussion included and was moderated by Nora Jordan, a partner and head of the Investment Management Group.

Among the specific topics discussed:

  • A rundown of key Fed programs aimed at getting funds to businesses and households, in part by keeping the financial markets working
  • The crucial role of the Treasury Department’s financial backing in magnifying the reach of the Fed’s efforts
  • A key difference between the current round of support programs and those of the financial crisis era
  • Questions about how programs announced by the U.S. and other countries to support businesses will apply to companies with cross-border operations

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