James Wadham and Mörk Murdock to Speak at the Japan In-House Community Symposium, Tokyo 2014
November 27, 2014
Tokyo, Japan

This seminar will focus on developments in international regulatory enforcement which is particularly important to Japanese corporations that are actively involved in and expanding their international businesses through investments in and acquisitions of businesses across Asia.

We will discuss examples of how U.S. and other international enforcement agencies are targeting business conduct in Asia more aggressively and with ever-increasing international reach. The severity of fines and related penalties imposes heavy financial, franchise and reputational risks. Recent examples include penalties for corruption, sanctions and antimoney laundering. The risk of being investigated and punished by regulators outside of Japan has been heightened by the strong trend towards greater international cooperation among regulators.

We will also cover best practices related to conducting internal investigations, implementing anti-corruption compliance programs, as well as issues related to working with local business partners and agents and due diligence of acquisition targets.