Davis Polk, PJT Partners, and McKinsey & Company Host Distressed Healthcare Opportunities Panel Discussion
January 24, 2017
Offices of Davis Polk 450 Lexington Avenue New York, NY


The U.S. healthcare industry may be headed for significant dislocation in 2017 as a result of an aging population, a heightened focus on cost reduction and a shifting political landscape, including potential revisions to the Affordable Care Act by the Trump administration. Many healthcare companies may find the new environment difficult to navigate, leading to industry consolidation and an increase in distressed healthcare opportunities.

Davis Polk, PJT Partners, and McKinsey & Company hosted a panel discussion on market trends and legal issues related to distressed healthcare opportunities. The panel provided an overview of the current healthcare market, discussed how current trends and potential changes under the new administration will create winners, losers and investing opportunities in the coming months and years, touched on lessons already learned in the market, and reviewed key legal and business issues to consider in restructuring a healthcare business.

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