Davis Polk Partners to Speak at SIFMA/TCH Prudential Regulation Conference
June 13, 2017
Washington DC


Davis Polk partners Annette Nazareth and  Margaret Tahyar will be among the speakers at the 2017 SIFMA/TCH Prudential Regulation Conference on June 13, 2017, in Washington DC.

Nazareth will speak on the “Market vs. Prudential Regulation of the Capital Markets” panel, which will debate the relative merits of prudential versus market regulation for capital markets activities, and offer an assessment as to whether additional refinements are required to achieve a proper balance.

Tahyar will speak on the “Rebalancing the Financial Regulatory Landscape” panel, which will address a Treasury Department report (expected to be released on or around June 3, 2017) identifying existing laws, regulations, treaties and other regulatory requirements that either promote or inhibit the “core principles” that will govern the new Administration’s approach to financial regulation, set out by President Trump in a February 2017 Executive Order. Panelists will also make recommendations on how to align U.S. financial regulation with those core principles.

For more information, please visit the event website.