Davis Polk 2015 "IPO Boot Camp"
November 16, 2015
New York, NY

The planning and execution of a successful U.S. initial public offering requires the seamless coordination of multiple workstreams. Davis Polk’s IPO Boot Camp explored some of the key financial, legal, accounting and logistical steps associated with an IPO, as well as current market trends and best practices for taking a company public.

This informative, full-day event featured industry-leading panelists from more than a dozen IPO advisory firms, including investment banks, venture capital firms, private equity sponsors, accountants, investor relations professionals and legal advisors.

Topics included:

  • IPO market update;
  • Pre-IPO private placements and crossover rounds;
  • IPO marketing, and underwriter and research analyst involvement;
  • Legal issues, corporate governance and structure; and
  • Accounting issues.
CLE was provided. Not open to media.

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