Regulatory Hub

The Davis Polk Regulatory Hub is an online platform designed to help market participants manage the complex implementation of Dodd-Frank regulations. All financial institutions will need to:

  • Extract specific requirements and tasks from thousands of pages of regulatory rulemaking
  • Coordinate among their legal, compliance, technology, operations and risk departments
  • Make strategic business choices in response to the new financial landscape

The Hub allows users to effectively manage this agenda. Using common content, requirements and tasks, we have developed tools that provide significant cost savings for each institution, beginning with swap dealer rulemaps, a Volcker Rulemap, a table of self-effective Title VII provisions and other relevant tools.

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The Volcker Rulemap

The Volcker Rulemap organizes the complex Volcker Rule proposal into individual searchable, sortable, filterable and exportable requirements and can serve as the basis for creating project checklists and developing implementation workstreams.

Subscribers can purchase the Volcker Rulemap, or stand-alone views for the Proprietary Trading or Funds aspects of the Volcker Rule, for a fixed cost, with unlimited access throughout their organization.

Swap Dealer Rulemaps

Our swap dealer rulemaps break down proposed and final rules into their requirements and extract the tasks applicable to swap dealers. These rulemaps can serve as the basis for creating project checklists, developing implementation workstreams and distributing tasks among those workstreams. All information can be downloaded for ease of use or to feed into internal project management systems.

Subscribers can purchase any rulemap for a fixed cost, with unlimited access throughout their organization. Our rulemaps cover a wide range of releases containing provisions applicable to swap dealers, including registration requirements, business conduct standards, reporting and recordkeeping obligations, and capital and margin requirements.

Swap Dealer Summary Memorandum

Subscribers can also purchase our comprehensive Swap Dealer Summary Memorandum: a narrative explanation of relevant rules, updated on a regular basis.

Self-Effective Title VII Provisions

Both the SEC and CFTC have provided guidance as to the Title VII provisions that will become effective on July 16, 2011. In many cases, the agencies have offered temporary relief. Our Table of Self-Effective Title VII Provisions clarifies the status of more than 200 Title VII provisions. Subscribers can also purchase our Rulemap on Select Title VII Provisions, which offers compliance tasks for swap dealers to complete ahead of the July 16, 2011 deadline, and tasks to be completed before temporary relief expires.

The Davis Polk Regulatory Tracker

The Davis Polk Regulatory Tracker is a subscription-based product designed to help subscribers understand the Dodd-Frank Act and follows its implementation in real time. Links throughout the Hub allow users to navigate between background on specific provisions in the Tracker to detailed analysis in the rulemaps. The Tracker subscription also includes access to an interactive calendar and daily email alerts. For more information, contact